Ontario Lacrosse Association - Officiating Registration

2022 Officiating Certification Program


Welcome to the 2022 OLA Officiating Certification Portal!


The officiating leadership team is working hard to prepare clinics and services for the 2022 season. This registration session will allow you to register to attend a box, men's field and/or women's field certification clinic. If you have any questions regarding the online registration, reach out to jeramie@ontariolacrosse.com.


OLA Officiating Refund Policy:

The $75.00 administrative cost of officiating registration for the 2022 season is non-refundable once the order is complete. Please carefully consider your decision prior to registering to officiate in 2022. While we expect the 2022 season to occur as planned in each sector, it is necessary for everyone to recognize that there is a cost to the administration and operation of the officiating program.